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Itshe – pronounced “It-sha”, describes rock or stone in isiZulu and denotes solidity and dependability.

Our initial focus with Itshe Business Solutions was to provide rock solid, value-for-money and innovative accounting support for SME’s. Providing proactive financial information to customers greatly assists them in making informed decisions about their businesses but also highlights the need for other expert support in wealth and risk management. Critical factors in business success and sustainability.

This led to Itshe Finance, Itshe Tax & Itshe Law being born, which  allows Itshe to provide a turnkey service for our clients, helping them to succeed. Our newest branch named Itshe Marketing in collaboration with Itshe Creations has successfully helped our clients grow their social media presence, google identity and digital marketing platforms as well as establish a web presence. 

We believe our mission “Innovation at Work!” is at the core of our suite of services we offer to SME & SSME’s.


Meet the team!

Accountants Port Elizabeth
Adam Postepski
Itshe Consult Port Elizabeth
Laurie Stone
Andre Odendaal
Life Assurance Port Elizabeth
Brendon Stone
Legal Advice Port Elizabeth
Christi Haworth
Andrew Van Schoor
Brendon Dixon
Itshe Finance Port Elizabeth
Jon-Paul Raper
Chantal Groenewald
Danielle Billson
Lauren Mendez
Tim Tyrell
Itshe Business Solutions
Brandon Leigh Williams
Nadene Coen
Itshe Business Solutions
Thomas Dhaki
Accountants Port Elizabeth
Bernadine Mourant
Dylan Stone
Itshe Finance Port Elizabeth

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